November 2018   
This Week's Events


Food Pantry
10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Guyton Community Food Pantry dba The Fillin' Station located at 1290 Ga. Hwy. 119 South, Springfield, in the cafeteria of the old high school and middle school at that campus.
Young at Heart
11:00 AM
Bingo and lunch for senior citizens of GCC and our community. For November, we will meet on Thursday, Nov. 15th.
Eula Powers Circle
7:30 PM
Women of the Church meet for refreshments, devotion and mission activities. November's meeting is hosted by Rachel Pevey in the Christian Center.
Children Worship and Wonder
Becky Malcom

In October 2014, we began a new program for children ages 3-8 during morning worship on Sundays.  After the Children's Chat, the children are escorted to their own special worship space in the Christian Center by a greeter.  There they experience Bible stories and worship through singing, hearing and seeing a story told with pieces from a story box, expressing their wonder of the story through art or other projects of their choosing, sharing in an offering and a "feast."  Parents pick up their children after worship.

You can learn more at the Children Worship and Wonder website.