November 2018   
This Week's Events


Food Pantry
10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Guyton Community Food Pantry dba The Fillin' Station located at 1290 Ga. Hwy. 119 South, Springfield, in the cafeteria of the old high school and middle school at that campus.
Young at Heart
11:00 AM
Bingo and lunch for senior citizens of GCC and our community. For November, we will meet on Thursday, Nov. 15th.
Eula Powers Circle
7:30 PM
Women of the Church meet for refreshments, devotion and mission activities. November's meeting is hosted by Rachel Pevey in the Christian Center.
GCC's Elders

The Elders of Guyton Christian Church provide spiritual leadership and direction for our church family and are elected for three-year terms by our congregation. On Sundays, they preside over the Lord's Table along with our Pastor. The Elders are responsible for shepherding our congregational flock during good times and those of illness or distress.  Our Elders also provide communion to our shut-ins who are not able to attend worship. Each member of our church family is assigned to an Elder. If you have questions as to whom your Elder is, please contact the church office at 912-772-3478.


In our photograph, front row, from left to right:

Vicki Wilkerson, Shannon Thompson, Melissa Proctor, Elder Emeritus Carolyn Dixon, Marshall Reiser

Back row, from left to right:

Jack Malcom, Linda Barner, Lamar Hall, Claudette Griffin, Michael Moore

Not pictured: Mary Grace Fisher