Sunday School
Education Committee: Joyce Taylor

 Sunday mornings

  9:45 am   Meet and Greet in Christian Center. Enjoy a cup of coffee and fellowship. (Nursery provided)

10:00 am   Classes for all ages 

Preschool-Kindergarten Class

Location:  Christian Center, Pre-school classroom

Teacher:  Debbie Snooks

This class for ages 2 through kindergarten, uses Deep Blue published by Cokesbury.  The curriculum incorporates Bible stories, activities, crafts, videos, and games into a full faith experience for children.  They develop the skills to unlock the Bible messages and grow their faith by leaps and bounds.  Colorful, engaging, theologically-sound materials invite children to explore the Bible in fun, age-appropriate ways, capturing their attention and ensuring that God's message is taken to heart.

Younger Youth Class

Location:  Sanctuary building, at former church office.

Teacher:  Becky Malcom, Wesley Dawson, Ginny Clary

Utilizing FaithWeaver NOW, published by Group, the younger youth, grades 1-5, are presented their lesson in a kid-friendly format.  Children are able to experience God's Word, and are able to see God in their everyday world.  Drama, art activities, and music enhance their learning experience.  Students receive a weekly take-home paper with a daily challenge for the student.

Older Youth Class

Location:  In The Rock, youth building

Teachers: Nancy Summerour, Marshall Reiser, Bryan Thompson, Jack Malcom, Leana Radcliffe.  So What? Youth Bible Studies published by Great Commission Publications, provides a verse-by-verse study of a book of the Bible or a topic within the Bible. 

Adult Class

Location:  Christian Center, main area

Teacher:  Rotating volunteers (Currently: Medie Still III, Ginny Clary, Lainie Jenkins)

This class is presently studying Wired Word, by Communication Resources, Inc.

 "Mrs. Irma Mosley's" Class

Location:  Sanctuary

Teacher:  Dr. Michael Moore, Marshall Reiser, and others

This class uses a small-group format. Presently studying Multiply by Francis Chan.


   October 2018