What to Expect

A warm welcome, a time to worship, and a place to unplug from the stress of the week.

What should I wear?

The pastor and worship leaders will probably be dressed professionally, but there is likely to be a variety of dress styles among the congregation. We want you to be able to worship without being distracted or worried about what you are wearing.

What are services like?

Our Traditional Service, lasting about an hour, is designed to help you focus on God and genuinely worship through music, prayer, communion, and a Biblical message. Depending on the week and the service, there are often other elements, including Scripture reading, reports from ministries that we support, or seasonal activities such as lighting Advent candles.

Our Bluegrass Service is an early morning worship service beginning at 9:00 a.m.  Dress is casual. Pastor Joel delivers the message, we enjoy bluegrass music provided by the acoustic bluegrass band, and observe Holy Communion.

What is the music like?

Music has been a method of praise for thousands of years, and continues to be an integral part of worship today. An average Sunday morning service blends contemporary praise music, old time gospel music, and classic hymns. We have an organ, grand piano, and  electric keyboard. We are often joined by members from the Gospel Jam that include bass, acoustic guitar, banjo, trombone, and other instruments.

Special music is provided by our choir or other singers in our congregation.

At Guyton Christian Church, you will find an uplifting worship experience!